wtorek, 30 października 2012

Haloween Costume Body Type Propositions!!

No kidding…
Here are some propositions of Haloween costumes for Your body type to look beautiful at this year’s Haloween Party. You can find these costumes on http://www.buycostumes.com
You need to pick costumes which optically broadens Your shoulders to the width of Your hips. Something like this:
You need to optically broaden Your hips to make them look as wide as Your shoulders.
You need to make people believe You have a waistline, that’s why You need to optically broaden You hips and Shoulders at the same time.
You need to pick costumes with a lot of vertical lines or lines which draws attention to the middle of Your body and the ones which divides it in long and slim stripes.
You actually can wear all the costumes, and if Your size is 12 and less, You can for sure wear costumes like these:
Finally You can also Fuck it and wear whatever You like:) It’s Halloween, everybody can look strange:D 
Trick or Treat!!!